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Our history

Activity of TEXAR company dates back to early 90s, when we were the main US army surplus supplier in Poland. At that time, we acted as a wholesaler supplying rapidly emerging military stores throughout Poland. Over time our offer has expanded with copies of classic US Army designs such as BDU, M65, N3B, MA-1. At the beginning of the new century increasing demand for military and tactical clothing convinced us about the production under our own brand. Constantly changing market for tactical and outdoor products as well as the demand for better quality clothing and equipment has resulted in the introduction of our own designes wich are more suitable for today's requirements.


Company profile

As producer and importer we have been present in the field of tactical and outdoor goods since 1992. The experience gained through this time makes us able to offer you high quality products that have been tested in a variety of, often extreme, conditions. This applies to both clothing and tactical equipment as well as outdoor and survival equipment. For production we use high quality materials to fully meet the expectations of our customers. We increase the assortment every year, reaching an increasing number of supporters in Poland and abroad. In addition to the current tactical and outdoor designs, we also have products in classic style, referring to tradition.

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